For Your Grandma’s Church, Too

Sometimes a resource is so helpful it transcends the category it was created for and ends up changing the entire conversation. Church as Movement is a resource that does just that—it broadens the scope of church planting to a growing movement that focuses on discipleship, the mission of God, and a holistic gospel that can transform […]

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The Power of the Table

I read a great article by David Brooks recently titled: The Power of a Dinner Table. The article tells the story of Kathy Fletcher and David Simpson who have a son that invited one friend over for dinner that sometimes goes to school hungry, who had another friend that also went to school hungry, who had another […]

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Love in Action

I’ve been thinking a lot about love. Maybe it is the start of a new year. Maybe it is because both of my parents, my living grandmothers, my brothers, and my wife all have birthdays in January and February and so I keep thinking about people whose lives I am eager to celebrate and show […]

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